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Taste the Difference



From down at the shore to your neighborhood store, taste the difference of Polish Water Ice.
Polish Water Ice is not your typical water ice. With its great taste comes its unique smooth texture. Rather than serving a stored product, Polish Water Ice is made while you wait. It couldn't be any fresher!  Our product is 100% fat free, 100% cholesterol free, 100% dairy free, 100% delicious. Come on in and taste the difference!

Always Served Fresh


8 - 12 of our delicious flavors are available at all times, either fresh from the machine or in our convenient to go packages. Be the life of your next party and pick up your to go ice today! Don't forget to ask us about our wholesale or distributor options!

Real Ingredients. Real Ice Cream. Real Smiles.

Proudly serving 12 premium flavors of hand dipped Hershey's Ice Cream made locally in Harrisburg, PA since 1894.